Monday, December 6, 2010

One step ahead

As many of you know, Dave and I have been together for eight years. And almost every year, he comes to me a few days before Christmas and says "I don't have a present for my Grandma."

Dave was mostly raised by his Grandma and the two are very close, you'd think he'd put a little more thought into it, but...well, he's a boy.

Now usually, I have enough time to whip up a hat or something last minute and Grandma is the kind of person who does appreciate hand knits, no matter the size, so I don't really mind.

But this year, I'm not waiting for Dave's last minute realization.

In the generous gift of leftovers Monika gave me, there was a pretty little untouched skein of hand dyed silk (235 yards!). It was just begging to be made into something delicate and feminine. So I'm designing his Grandma a lace silk scarf.I apologize that the pattern is so hard to see - combo of bad lighting, no blocking and multi-coloured yarn. I'll get better pics, and probably do another up in a semi-solid Wandering Cat yarn. Shouldn't be too long from now, this little sucker is just flying off the needles. (And is providing a nice break from Monster making)


pendie said...

Lucky Grandma!

Denise said...

How nice of you to make something for his grandma. It does look pretty.

Lee said...

Good for you, I think that she will love that, how could she not?

Monika said...

Good for you! Being one step ahead is always better, then the other way around. :o) I've got this yarn from someone a couple of years ago. Looked at it many times, and never knew what to do with it. I'm glad it finally gets knit into something.

Samantha said...

Nicely done!