Sunday, February 27, 2011

Busy, busy

I had a very busy weekend, but all I have to show for it (image-wise at least) is one sock - so I'll start with that:
The colour in the photo is waaaaaaaay off - it's much more warm and golden - but at least you can see the cable, which reminds me of a pretzel. I've modified the pattern to make it an ankle sock, and carried the ribbing right to the very end of the toe. Second sock should follow quickly this week.

I did also manage to complete the second handwarmer for my co-worker, but I haven't taken pictures. Nor do I have any of the pictures of the progress on Bitterroot (I'm on the second-to-last chart)

I also neglected to take my camera to Cake Day - a semi-annual, girls-only gathering at my bestie's house. We enjoyed plenty of food (including cake), wine and jolly good company. It also gave me an opportunity to deliver the Christmas Nessies to four adorable children - and don't worry, they always get their Christmas presents a few months late from good ol' Auntie V - it's tradition now.

The weekend was far too short (and obviously pictureless) and so begins the final four days of the job. Let the countdown begin!


Anonymous said...

The Nessies, which are named Twinkle, Torpedo and Ethan, are a big hit and have been dragged around by all three kids. E likes to hold his by the neck and cuddle it to his chin. O makes his eat things (ships, etc.). And L says hers is a princess that is tough or something like that. My kids really do know quality hand knit gifts when they get them! These Nessies are going to get a lot of love. :)

gayle said...

My goodness, that was a busy weekend! Even without pictures.
(Cake Day, eh? What a great idea...)

Denise said...

I love the cables in that sock. Trying to catch up with everyone while I have spare minute.