Friday, February 25, 2011


This was my coworker today:Mother Nature dumped another crapton of snow on us this morning, and after determining that my little car was not happy being out on those slippery roads, I came in and fired up the remote desktop. I only have a few days left at this job and I'm trying to get several projects complete before I leave - a day off (no matter how much I would have loved to spend it knitting) was out of the question.

Peno makes a pretty good colleague too - she doesn't talk too much, and never raids my desk for gummy bears or pens.

And I'm much more productive when I work from home. I started earlier (8 instead of 8:30) didn't take a lunch and worked well past quitting time (almost 7 p.m.).

All that work tired Peno out. By 10 a.m. she was already on an extended coffee break.Well - it is Friday. Can't say I blame her!


gayle said...

We got that same crapton of snow here. I don't get a work from home option, unfortunately...
Is it Spring soon?

Monika said...

It snowed quite a while here too, but not much to show for it. Maybe 2cm if that. Didn't have to leave the house today. Just out back with the pups. :o)

Frieda said...

Oh to be a cat !

No crapton of snow here , just a bit despite all the dire predictions from the weather office .

Delusional Knitter said...

We got snow ... and rain ... and snow. I was at work until 11pm ... but that means I'm not going in this weekend!!