Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rocky the yodeler

I made this a while ago - but it's very fitting for this week. Rocky has been quite the little sh!t!!!

Rocky is Dave's cat - It doesn't matter that I'm the one who brought him home, I'm the one that feeds him, scoops his poopies and caters to his every little whim... Tto Rocky - Dave is God.

But lately, Dave hasn't been here. And Rocky is acting out.

Rocky is a very vocal cat (which is apparently my fault - the more you talk to your cat the more they talk to you). But he doesn't meow - he merps. It's quite musical actually.

One of his favorite things to do is announce his presence as soon as he walks into a room (whether it's occupied or not). Some times its a musical little "merp, merp". Other times it's a full on cat yodel "mrrrrrrrrrrowowowow merp!"

And this week his favourite thing to do is to wait until I'm in bed to start yodeling. He'll walk in the room and let out a little yodel. I invite him up on the bed, he circles, looking for Dave, then leaves.

I just drift off to sleep and he walks back into the room and "Meeeeeeeeeeerp!!!" I invite him up on the bed, he circles, looking for Dave, then leaves.

I just drift off to sleep again and he walks back into the room and "Mrrrrrrrrrrowowowow Merp!!!" I invite him up on the bed, he circles, looking for Dave, then leaves.

We've been doing this every night since Sunday this week. Last night, I told him if he started yodeling, I was going to gag him with his own tail.
He looked at me with that innocent face and said "Merp?"

"That's right," I replied. "Your own tail."

So we snuggled down to sleep. I just start to drift off and I am abruptly pulled back to conciousness by "BANG!!! Skitter, skitter skitter!"

Bleary eyed, I turn on the light - my jewellry box is on the floor at the foot of the dresser - jewellry everywhere. All I can find of Rocky is that tail sticking out from under the edge of the bed.

He pulled it under before I could get it and let out a little "Merp!"

Tonight.... he's getting hog tied.


Knitting Linguist said...

Hogtied, indeed! I recognize those behaviors - it's no fun to be continually woken up just as you get to sleep. (Our two cats triangulate on one another by meowing their way to contact - it's pretty funny except when it happens in the middle of the night.)

Anonymous said...

pictures or it didn't happen.

(interesting that my word verification for this comment is "trick"... as in it would be a neat one if you managed to hogtie the merp-monster after all!)

Monika said...

Oh boy!

Anonymous said...

Oh my ....(LOL)

Mo said...

Wow that's really annoying! Does your camera or cell phone take movies w/audio? I'd love to hear what Rocky sounds like. I wonder what he would do if you played it back for him?

spokeydokes said...

Little bugger is written all over his face.

Louise said...

Oh, how I can relate....

Delusional Knitter said...

What a nut! Must be the color, my little girl is that color and we refer to her as "Horrible Cat" and "Worst cat ever" and she thinks its great. She didn't know her own name for the first year ... but she did answer to "Naughty and NO!" LOL!

Sue said...

That was hilarious. My cat, Lestat merp's, too.