Friday, March 11, 2011

Road Rules!

I've completed my first week of commuting - and survived!

In honour of it - I'm going to start a new Friday thing - observations from the road - a new thing I've discovered each week in this vehicular adventure we call commuting!

Road Rule #1

Just because you left work early, doesn't mean you're going to get home early. Traffic will inevitably be backed up due to:
a) an accident
b) an oversized transport and police escort
c) the fact that everyone has to stop and gawk at the guy with the flat tire
d) or look at the guy who got pulled over for speeding
e) tourists heading to the airport and/or border for March Break

Or in my case... all of the above! Which meant instead of getting home early - I actually got home later than I normally would have.

TGIF - who needs a drink?!?

And in honour of the weekend - here's some Muppets:

That dancing bunny at the end cracks me up every time!


Rhonda said...

Yo Mamma is definitely having a drink tonight. Dyeing tomorrow!

Minding My Own Stitches said...

I have lots of road observations:

i) if you're too frightened to drive at highway speed, you shouldn't drive on the highway

ii) on ramps and off ramps are NOT passing lanes

iii) signaling a lane change does NOT give you right of way

Oh no! Don't get me started!

gayle said...

I only have a 12-minute commute and I still wish I could knit while driving...