Saturday, September 10, 2011

Behold Haruni

Today was dye day - and while I was up at Mom's I took the opportunity to get some finished pictures of Haruni.I am definitely pleased with this one, even if I didn't have enough yarn for the i-cord edging.It turned out to be a good size for a small shawl - about 50 inches wide - just wide enough to wrap nicely around the shoulders.
The pattern is very easy - and definitely one I'll do again - probably with more yarn so I can make it even bigger and do the proper edging.

Oh, and of course... I added beads....
Still not a big fan of the Wollmeise - there were actually four knots in this skein - and I can't get the perfumey smell out of it - despite a long soaking. But I do love the colour.

Since casting off, I did do as promised and have been working diligently on Fable. It doesn't seem like I'm getting anywhere... but I'm working on it. Pics coming soon.


Monika said...

It's very pretty! I'm still hoarding the few skeins of Wollmeise I have. :o)

Delusional Knitter said...

Its beautiful and the beads add just enough of a nice touch, the color of them is perfect!

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

So pretty! I want one! :)