Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Fable unfolds...

As promised....Dave is off working today, so I am devoting the whole day to nothing but knitting on Fable. Well, I'm doing laundry and watching pirate movies too... but it's mostly all about Fable.

The above (crappy bathroom mirror shot) was taken at 4:20 p.m. Were I not modding the crap out of this pattern, I'd be just about ready to cast off the body and start on the sleeves.

But, me being me, I'm making the body longer so it's more cardigan than shrug. I have at least four inches to go before I can start the picot hem (another mod) - and then at least an inch after that before I can cast off. I'm hoping to be able to do that by bedtime, but that might be just a wee bit optimistic.

However, Dave is working next Saturday too - so that's at least one more day of (relatively) uninterrupted knitting to devote - things are looking good for having in done by Knit Camp on the 23rd!


Minding My Own Stitches said...

The crappy bathroom mirror shots never cease to amuse me. I don't feel so bad about the contortions involved in photographing socks on my own feet this morning!

You've made a great start on it but I can't imagine you can finish all that tonight! You have to sleep sometime!

Monika said...

Is the original cape like? I can't see armholes in it. It's hard to NOT do mods, isn't it?! :o)
I'm wishing you good knitting mojo, so you'll get it done in time for camp!

Delusional Knitter said...

It looks lovely so far!

TheBlackSheep said...

At least you can get a bathroom mirror shot! My basthroom is much too dark.

And what is knitting for but to make mods?