Wednesday, December 28, 2011


After all that Christmas knitting, I was feeling a little burnt out in the crafting department. But I really wanted to get a move on some of the projects that were left behind by gift knitting (not to mention the socks for my coworker).

Yesterday, I tried - so hard - I finished the heel on my coworker's sock, but I just couldn't bring myself to keep knitting on it.

So I picked up my Lore hoodie. It's super-bulky, so I figured a few rows would really make me feel like I was accomplishing something. I completed a whole pattern repeat, but I still wasn't feeling the love to continue.

So I did something crazy.

I cast on for something new. I dug deep in the stash and pulled out the last remaining skein of Tosh Merino (from my Tea Leaves) and cast on for a shawl.

Which shawl you ask?

198 yards of heaven
And yes - it's blocking already. I worked on it for about three hours before bed last night - and with an afternoon of steady work today, it's on the blocking board.

It's not really a shawl- in fact, it's barely shawlette size - more of a neckerchief - but it was just the thing to recharge my knitting batteries.

Since my coworker already knows about her Christmas socks, I think I'm going to add this into the box to surprise her.

I'll give you more details after I do a proper photo shoot.

Also - if anyone is needing a little knitting recharge themselves - you could always get some new yarn.

Until midnight on December 31st - enter the code YREND11 and get 15% off any yarn in the shop. You can even use it on the yarn that's already on sale!

It's just a little thank-you from us for another great knitting year!


Araignee said...

Goodness! That is a lot of pretty lace in such a little bit of time. Your friend will love it!

Knatolee said...

Beautiful shawl!!

I want to knit Gordon a scarf. Got any yarn/pattern suggestions? What yarn should I use for manly man knitting? :) He has a new camel coat (for wearing over his suits) and I would like to make him a scarf to go with it.

RobinH said...

LOL! Casting on new stuff is *exactly* how I'm celebrating the end of Christmas knitting.

Lovely scarf! I'm sure your co-worker will be thrilled.

Monika said...

I know how you felt. I almost lost my knitting mojo knitting those Opal socks. This shawl is on my to knit list too, but I want to make it bigger. That will be a nice surprise for your co worker.

Delusional Knitter said...

Awesome! I finally grabbed that skein I was eyeing for while, LOL!