Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The spirit of the season?

I've mentioned before that we knew we would have a few bumps integrating Mopar into our household.For 17 years, he'd been an only cat. And while my cats were use to feline compatriots, introducing a new member into a cat-filled household is always interesting.

Based on all the cats' personalities we were very sure we could predict how thing would go.

1) We figured Miss Peno
would be the first to make friends. Mopar is a friendly cat, and being old and slow - he wouldn't intimidate her too much. Peno likes to curl up with the other cats when they are calm, so we figured in no time she'd be snuggling up with the 'Par.

We were very wrong. It's been almost three months and there must be at least nine feet of distance between them at all times or it's a yowlfest. And it's not Mopar. If he even glances in her direction, she hisses and runs away.

2) We figured Rocky
would annoy the crap out of Mopar. We fully expected to be constantly chasing Rocky away from Mopar, and scolding him for bothering the old man. Rocky chases Peno every chance he gets (it's a 50/50 chance on whether she's okay with it at the time).

We were wrong on this count too. It took only a month before Mopar stopped yowling at Rocky. They don't chill out together much, but they can pass each other on the stairs without a protest. Rocky will even rub all over Mopar when they are waiting to be fed in the morning. There are several occasions where Rocky has tried to get Mopar to chase him. Mopar looks like he really wants to too - the old man knows he just can't run any more.

3) As for Tux
We fully expected an old west stand-off in true O.K. Corral style.

We weren't completely wrong there. Tux and 'Par have been duking it out over Top-Cat status since day one. There were a few knock-down-drag-out-no-hold-barred cat fights I had to break up. But most of it was just hissing and growling when they got closer than three feet from each other. (Mopar especially likes to block the stairs, thus preventing Tux from enjoying a toasty bed at night... I usually have to go pick Tux up and carry him past the cantankerous old fart)

What we did not expect was the slow melting of the iceberg-sized divide between them.

Recently, Mopar has taken to napping on my couch, as opposed to Dave's loveseat. We have no idea why, he just started sleeping up there a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, it's also Tux's favourite nap spot. At first, Tux responded with looks of disgust and retaliated by stealing the cat bed Dave brought home for Mopar.

But about a week-and-a-half ago, I came home to find them both on the couch. There was a good two feet between them, and they refused to look at each other - but the was no growling. Now, night after night, I find myself flanked by them. Quite often, the only thing separating them is my lap.

They still hiss and growl if one or the other is blocking the stairs, or drinking from the water dish when they are thirsty too - but it's happening less and less.

And then last night, I stood up to go to bed, and saw this...
Not only were they within touching distance - they were actually touching! Now, it's possible it was the effect of far too much cat-nip and they'll both pretend it didn't happen in the morning...

...or maybe it's just the spirit of the season getting the better of them. Your thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Sounds like sibling rivalry has called a truce. LOL

Have a very Merry Christmas. I truly enjoyed the pictures of the cats. Rocky is gorgeous!

Knatolee said...

My thoughts are (a) you never know what goes on in the mind of a cat, and (b) cats exist to make us crazy. :) My Alex and Julius had some sort of tiff going on all summer, but now it seems to have resolved. They have been living together for four years with no real issues until this summer. Now things are back where they were. I think they were testing me or something... ;)

Anyway, love that last photo!

Debbie said...

Awwww....miracles can happen! Our inside ferals have also become wildly unpredictable. One day they hate each other and the next I find them snuggled up side by side. One of the really wild outside ones has been sneaking in and doing the leg rub at feeding time. Cats are funny creatures. I can never figure them out.
This is Araignee btw-too lazy to sign in under my blog.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

So sweet - makes me feel all warm and fuzzy!

gayle said...

The only thing predictable about cats is their unpredictability...

Abby said...

Mopar looks a lot like my Fern, aka The Princess. I have tried multiple cats, but Fern gets picked on by even the nicest of the others. So, for now, still a one cat household.

Lost City Denise said...

Your harmonious spirit is infectious! That's my guess - or maybe it's just good cat chow.

Happy Solstice!

Delusional Knitter said...

LOL! That's great! I've often found that what I thought would happen between animals is wrong. I brought home Willow, a tiny little baby thinking the boys would treat her well. Nope, the boys beat the crap out of her every chance. Now she rules the house and is the boss of everyone, I tell them they have nobody to blame but themselves for creating the monster.

lexa said...

Touching each other, and not in an evil way! lol Good stuff!