Wednesday, May 30, 2012


This is just a post of little things I want to get out of the way before my Surmount post tomorrow

1) Remember that pretty cowl I designed, but was too itchy? Well here is a quick pic of it done in Twinkle Cat DK:

The pattern is revamped a little and the Twinkle Cat was an excellent choice. I'm hoping I can eke out a small pair of matching fingerless mitts from the rest of the skein, but we'll have to see. As soon as the pattern is ready, I'll announce it here.

2) Minding My Own Stitches asked if I was catching the Colour Affection infection, and I have to admit, while I wasn't overly excited when I first saw the pattern - after seeing all the different versions, it's really grown on me. I've definitely got the first signs of the bug now. Here are the colours I've picked out:

All three skeins are Top Cat. Now I just have to decide which order I want them to go in. I'm trying to be good and finish my Slinky vest first. It's a very good thing that the swift and yarn caker are at Mom's  - otherwise, I probably would have this puppy caked and started.... In my defense - it's a perfect stash down project - two of those skeins have been in the stash for a couple of years!

3) Speaking of the Slinky vest - I completed another half repeat on my lunch today. I think it might be growing. The good news is, once I finish the body, it's only a handful of rows to finish off the armholes, so technically - I'm a lot further than I think I am.

4) I love this picture of Rocky I took the other day. He was inside, begging to come out:

He looks so innocent... don't believe it.

5) And, speaking of brat cats. I keep a towel on one end of the couch, so I'm not constantly cleaning cat fur off it. Tux, Peno and Rocky all adore towels, and will lay on one every chance they get. Mopar?
...Not so much.


Knatolee said...

Love the yarn, and the kitties!

Araignee said...

Those are gorgeous colors for your "infection". I can't wait to see that one finished!

Minding My Own Stitches said...

If you've picked out the colours, then I'd say you've definitely come down with it. I'm not sure I believe that you'll stick with slinky vest first ... the infection comes on fast and furious from what I've heard.

Cute cowl! Love the stripey yarn!

Monika said...

The cowl is lovely in that yarn, the yarn for the shawl too. Top Cat is such a wonderful yarn. Haha, go Mopar! That's a cute photo of Rocky!