Thursday, May 24, 2012

Blog friends rock!

One of the things I love about blogging is the wonderful people I've met.

A few weeks back, Smoking Hot Needles posted a pic of a crocheted project bag she made with her handspun. I admired it (because it was totally awesome). Today, it was in my mailbox...

...along with a super awesome Skineeez cat toy for the kids. I don't know how she knew, but Skineez are one of their favourite toys.  See...

"Nom, nom, nom..."

"I wanna play too! Giiiiiimmeeeeeeeeeeee"

"Oh man... why'd you give it to Tux first??? Now it's all slobbery....."

Peno however... she knew the bag was the real treat!

"Is anyone looking... no? Good."

"Those stoopid boys will never find me in here."

As soon as I extricate Peno from it - it's the new home for my socks-in-progress. Thanks so much Smoking Hot Needles!


WildflowerWool said...

Wow, what great gifts, lucky you! Fun pictures!

Monika said...

You are welcome! I love the pictures! I'm really happy that they liked the toy. Oh and soon you'll be able to crochet a bag like that yourself! ;o)

Araignee said...

I am going to have to find some Skineeez for my kitties. They have gotten bored with all the toys they have now.
Love that bag! Nothing is better for socks than a homemade bag, I use one a blog friend sent me also.