Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Settling in

Well... it's all over. We are officially moved (though quite a ways from completely unpacked...)

It wasn't too bad a move. We started at about 8:30 a.m., and I finally settled by 8 that night. I did lose most of my fish and a whole bucket of cat food, but otherwise, we came through relatively unscathed, except for some very sore muscles and tired bones (and I ended up with several new bruises). Both Dave and I have agreed, next time we fork over the cash for movers - we're getting too old for this!

I do have to send a huge thank you out to my helpers - my brother and sister-in-law, my Dad, and my fantastic friend Aneesha. The endured a lot of heavy lifting, and stair-climbing with nary a complaint - and all for just some pizza and beer. We really couldn't have done it without them - Knits all around (once I get some free time!)

I'll share some pictures of the new pad once I get a little more settled (and tidied up!)

I know you're all wondering how the kitties fared through the whole ordeal... well it was definitely a mixed bag.

Tux completely surprised me - he was cool as a cucumber. While we loaded the truck, he hung out on his harness and leash, munching on grass and watching as we toiled away. When it was time to head out, he sauntered right into his carrier, and napped on the ride to the new place.

Peno and Rocky, on the other hand, were thoroughly traumatized. They protested being locked in a room while we thumped and bumped on the other side of the door. When it was time to head out, I found them huddled in the closet together. Getting them into the carriers required a little ingenuity on my part. And they howled and caterwauled the whole way in the car.

Once in the new place, I tucked them all safely in the bathroom, opened the carriers, and left them while we finished the move. After everyone was gone home, it was time to set them free.

Tux immediately began to explore the new digs, and claim his favourite spots (right now it's the sliding glass doors in the livingroom, though Dave's new arm chair is a close second)

Rocky - ever my special little boy - peed in his carrier (instead of the litter box I provided them), and proceeded to lay in it. I had to pull the pee-soaked feline from the box and give him a bath (and of course, I couldn't remember which box the cat shampoo was in... Head and Shoulders it is!). Thoroughly humiliated and traumatized, he spent the rest of the night wrapped in a towel on my bed.

He's since explored the house and is mostly okay now. He's a little more clingy than usual, and has reverted to cocooning himself in my blankets - something he hasn't done since he was a kitten.

Now poor Peno -I knew she was going to be the worst of the three. When I went to release them, she was cowering in behind the toilet. Since then, she's moved from one nook or cranny to the next. She mostly prefers the bottom of the linen closet, so I've left it open for her. I put a blanket and her food dish in there too.

Last night, I brought her into bed with me, and she settled down for quite a while, purring away. She left eventually, but came back on her own accord when Dave came to bed. She was back in closer this morning, and has been there since I got home from work - but I suspect she'll start coming out by the end of the week.

So - all in all - the kitties came through okay - if a little emotionally scarred. At least we don't have to do it again any time soon.


Anonymous said...

Poor babies! Hope a little time will have them feeling at home real soon.

Araignee said...

Poor kitties....I hope they all settle in soon.
Daughter hired movers this time. We had two paid helpers and they were fantastic. The Mister and I are too old for all the lifting and she had to work so we needed all the help we could get. They were worth every penny.

gayle said...

Yay! At least all the stressy bits are past. Unpacking takes as long as it takes...
Enjoy the new digs!

Zenitude said...

The cats will soon feel at home. Happy unpacking!

Nancy Kay said...

I hope the kitties get used to their new home quickly. Glad you had help with the heavy lifting and all the hauling. Congrats on getting into the new place!!

Monika said...

Ah, poor kitties! I guess they'll feel at home soon enough. Hope you do too. Looking forward to see pictures of your new home.