Thursday, April 11, 2013


For the few of you that have been with me from the start, you know that I've talked about getting to a healthier weight for a while now. While not morbidly obese, I've got a few extra pounds on me that I could really do with out - especially considering my back issues.

Being a knitter doesn't help. It's not exactly an active hobby (though my fingers are seriously svelt!). Even if I wasn't a knitter, I've never been overly active. My eating habits are probably my biggest enemy. If it's deep-fried or covered in high-fructose corn syrup (or both) it's my best friend.

Last weekend, I hit a very unhappy milestone. I stepped on the scale while up at Mom's. (I don't have one here - or a full length mirror....), looked down at those evil red numbers, staring back at me - 210....

Seriously?!? How in the heck did I get to 210 lbs? I was a skinny kid. I was a slim teenager! Even my early 20s weren't too bad. It did start to slide a little when I met Dave (coincidentally when I also started driving and working at a desk full-time).

And maybe I should take a look up at that second paragraph.... Okay, okay, so I know how I got here.

Anyway, this week, I'd really started focusing my what I was eating. Not dieting. Tell me I absolutely can't have something and I want it more - but making better choices (like a homemade salad with roast chicken instead of a pile of  deep fried lemon chicken and white rice smothered in soy sauce). I was doing okay, but it was just a few days.

And then along comes Dee from Tangled up in Sticks and String, and she writes this perfect post! Naturally, we got to talking, and Dee suggested a little blog-a-long. Would you like to join us? It's not just about weight loss - it's about any goal you may have - and all of us lending support and providing a little motivation. All the details are on her blog.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout-out.

I think you and I could probably do some real damage at a fried food place. That is one of my hardest things to not eat. I don't do HFCS so much ...try to avoid it, but regular old sugar. Oh yeah ... sugar and me are besties for sure.

Prudence said...

Love your timely post! Funny I have been ill and that in itself is rare. I was struggling with my knitting project as I do not have the skill that you and your galpals have but oh I doooo try, and Dr. Oz had Gwyneth Paltrov on talking about her new book..Its all Good ....and her health issues and results. So ...maybe I will try to quit smoking and improve my knitting skill and eat much improved foods (it all costs so why not the best for you?)
Thank you for you post....and you are correct....with support the challenges will be much smoother...To Success.......♥Debi

Araignee said...

I hear ya.....I put on more that a few pounds myself over this miserable winter by sitting and knitting my blues away with a plate of cookies along side.
I am back to knitting and walking at the same time so there will be lots of small plain knitting projects in my future. I am also and walking and spinning, having picked up the drop spindles again. I hate to exercise but I love to dance, so I filled up the ipod with my favorite dance music to take along.
As for diet....I was "blessed" with coming from a family of diabetics so sticking with their dietary recommendations such as lots of little meals with low carbs has helped-as long as I follow it. Hopefully I will back to my fighting weight in the near future as I feel pretty awful dragging around all this extra "me" at the moment.
Good luck. We are all in this together!