Sunday, April 21, 2013

FO - Lady Cornwall Shrug

As you can probably guess from the dearth of posting, I'm in full-on moving mode. We move next Saturday, and everything has to be ready to go in to the truck by Friday night.

I'm not in bad shape, but you really don't realize how much stuff you have until you start putting it in boxes. In between it all, I did find some time to finish up the Lady Cornwall shrug. And I'm afraid these are the best shots you're going to get of the shrug. I don't have time to head up to Mom's for a photoshoot, so I was left with the option of contorting myself to get a few modelled shots.

Over all - the lace pattern is very easy. But, as mentioned before, starting the charts on different rows does add a little unnecessary confusion. There was a lot of stopping, counting and tinking. We're I to knit this again, I would sit down and do the math to start them on the same row.

But I prevailed! I used House Cat in Milk Chocolate - and it was perfect. Nice and soft and sproingy. The lace has lots of stretch, so the finished knit is nice and comfortable. If this was for myself, I add more rows knit the body ribbing, just to give a little more coverage. But, I'll see how my coworker feels about this. She has a specific dress she wants to wear it with. If she needs more, I can always take out the bind off and knit more.

And now all the knitting is packed up. I left my Silver Cardigan out, so you won't see much progress until after we get settled. And now I have to get back to the packing... and see what new nook or cranny Tux has found to nap in...


Anonymous said...

Cute shrug.

Good luck with the move. As they say in the trucking industry ....see you on the flip side.

Debbie said...

Sending positive moving energy your way after spending the week moving Daughter and her kitties to their new home. Ouch...I am sore and tired but the way I figure it-I burned a lot of calories. Tomorrow I am sitting and knitting. All day. If I can still move my fingers.
Btw-love the shrug.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Hopefully the move goes smoothly and you have nice weather for it! Nice little shrug! Your coworkers are totally spoiled!

Nancy Kay said...

Here's wishing you a harmonious move!

The shrug pattern is so pretty. I think your co-worker is a lucky gal!!

gayle said...

Good luck with the move! (I've moved many many times - you have my utmost sympathy...)
Love the shrug!

Knatolee said...

Great shrug! Good luck with that move.

RobinH said...

Hope the move goes smoothly and no cats are misplaced! (Boxes are kind of interesting, but Bustling is Bad, according to my guys.)

And personally, I plan to die in my current house. I have officially reached Too Many Books to Move Ever Again.