Monday, July 1, 2013

Sew Canadian!

Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canucks. I hope you all had a great long weekend (though it's never long enough, is it?!)

This weekend was my first weekend without plans or activities that had to be accomplished. Dave was working Saturday and Sunday, and this morning he was participating in a parade in his home town, Port Credit.I've never been much of a parade person, so I was content to kick around the house on my own. 

The past three days have been filled with mostly knitting, cleaning and a little puttering in the yard. But today, was devoted to sewing. I actually have plans to sew myself a sundress or two, but since my sewing skills are not all that advanced, I thought I'd reaquaint myself with my machine on a couple of smaller projects. 

First up was curtains. In the old place, most of the windows already had blinds. This place, there was nothing - not even curtain rods! I had some curtains that worked for the major windows (living room and our bedroom) but the other windows are all currently covered with sheets. Normally, I'd just buy some panels at Giant Tiger - at $10 a panel, I can't really make them much cheaper. 

But for Dave's studio, I wanted to do something a little special. A few weeks back, I went in search of fabric. I was looking for music notes, but instead, I found this;
Guitars on fire - even better! It didn't take long to make up some simple curtains.
I also whipped together some pillows for the downstairs couch - pictures will have to wait, as I still have to hand sew the final seams, but I'll some share pictures of the kids and the cat nip bags I made with some leftover fabric. One of the things I love about cats and cat nip, is that each cat has their own reaction to it. 
Tux likes to rub and roll

Then pass out.

 Peno goes absolutely crazy
Which is hilarious to watch, because she normally so subdued.

Rocky.... well Rocky picked his up and took off....
I found it later, in the middle of my bed, covered in cat slobber and soaking through the sheets. *Sigh*

I also made a little something for myself. 
I saw the ones Araignee made a while back, and have been meaning to make one ever since. I think I'll be making a few more for some of my crafty friends.

So -now I think I'm ready to tackle that sundress. It would be nice to have done for Virginia!


Nancy Kay said...

Very nice work...and such useful projects! My brother would really like the flaming guitar fabric too. I like the stories about the kitties' reactions to the catnip. Yes, I think you're ready to sew up a sundress or two!! Looking forward to seeing photos!!

Araignee said...

That is so cute with your fussy cut fairy. I never thought of that. I have been struggling with curtains all week. I can't seem to get the hems right to save my life. I just gave up and sat a basket in front of the one that is too short.

Knatolee said...

Great curtains and pincushion!

I love cats on 'nip...

elns said...

Very cool projects! Sew Many! That fabric is pretty fantastic and am so impressed you turned them into curtains to boot -- even the cute cats won with catnip purses!