Saturday, September 7, 2013

Mellow yellow

It was cool and rainy today - the perfect day for dying yarn. So I headed up to the studio and had a fantastic day with the yarn. No pictures yet, but I did pick up the yarn my friend Aneesha dyed the other week. With it was the yarn we dyed for the baby blanket she's commissioned me to make.

It need to be completed by November, so I figured I better get started on it.
It's just basic stockinette with a garter border for now, but in a few inches, it starts to get fun. You won't see it until the end though - I want to save the surprise - it's awesome!


Nancy Kay said...

We got a much needed rain last night too...and it smells so good.

The baby blanket...what a pretty yellow, and I can't wait to see what pattern you put in the middle!!

Anonymous said...

The color sure is awesome! Have fun.

Samantha said...

That is a great yellow!

Frieda said...

That yellow is just gorgeous , can't wait to see the surprise !

We had a cool but sunny day today , even had to wear socks this morning . We're supposed to get a couple of hot days this week , in the mid to high 20s . Wish it would make up its mind .