Tuesday, September 2, 2014

... and now the into the actual garden

The weekend gave us a burst of hot weather, and it's really perked the gardens up. It will be interesting to see how long things keep blooming, now that September is here.

My Yellow-Stone Blue-Eyed Grass bloomed again
You have to be quick to catch this wee one in bloom - by mid afternoon they are all closed up.

This is one of the perennials I bought this spring. It didn't have a tag, but I'm pretty sure it's a Red Coreopsis.
It's done only so-so this summer, and I think it may need a little more shade. Next spring, I think I'll move it out front with the yellow Coreopsis.
The Roses have absolutely soaked up the sun and heat. For a while, I thought I was going to lose the white one to fungus. It lost most of its leaves in August, but over the last week or so, it's gotten a little taller and really greened up. Another bloom opened on the weekend
And as you can see there's no sign of pink fungus. There's two more blooms coming too.

The pink Rose bush has gone insane.

There's a total of nine blooms on it - and a few more buds coming. The pink one is definitely showier than the white one. But the white one smells better. (The pink one smells nice too - the white one is just a little stronger)

Mr. Bumble Bee approves.
In fact, my back yard is Bumble Bee heaven. I planted the gardens for the Honey Bees, but I got to admit, I love the Bumblers too!

The sunflower continues to make me smile
 ... and it's now taller than me - about 6 foot high now.

It's been a wonderful summer in my garden so far...

... and I've got great plans to make it even better next year!


Anonymous said...

That's the sign of a great gardener.....just wait until you see NEXT YEAR!!!! :-)

Looks like your garden is Tux approved. :-)

elns said...

You reminded me of just how much I love roses, but specifically garden roses. My parents had them in the house I grew up in. It makes me feel a lot of good things.

I love the picture of Kitty enjoying the garden.

Anne Arnold Pierce said...

beautiful garden. I am longingly smelling those roses over the internet. hi to Tux

Rachelle said...

I love the white rose, it has class and such a nice shape!

RobinH said...

Aw, your gardening assistant is so cute! And the flowers are lovely!

Nancy Kay said...

Your photos of the blossoms in your garden are FANTASTIC!!