Monday, September 8, 2014

Sad Flowers

The hot humid air on Friday was blown away by a wild storm, bringing fresh cool breezes. Sadly, it was not enough to bring the sun flower back to life

It still looked like this the next day
On closer inspection, I discovered why...
That's the tie and stake from when I first planted them back in May. I guess I should have gone back at some point and cut it, or loosened it at least... oh well, I know better for next year.

And hey... I finally, got to use my antique milk jar!


Araignee said...

Oh no.....who would have thought! At least you got some nice cut flowers out it. The look perfect in your milk bottle.

Nancy Kay said...

Ohhh, nooo. Oops. Note to self for next year, eh? The picture of the bouquet is lovely though. I'm glad you got many pretty yellow blooms!

Anonymous said...

Uh oh ..... but, at least you got to save the flowers.