Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Iron Dyers: Challenge revealed

As mentioned earlier this month, Mom and I occasionally take part in a dye-off challenge among other indy dyers (the group is on Ravelry - The Iron Dyers).

Non-dyers submit images based on a predetermined theme, one is chosen - and all the dyers have to dye something based on it. (There are prizes for non-dyers so come on over and check us out)

At the end of the month, the dyers all reveal their challenge yarns. And I've got to tell you, it's tough keeping it under wraps sometimes. I've been itching to show off this one for weeks!

This month's inspiration image is from one of my favourite movies
The Nightmare before Christmas!!!

Mom came up with a self-striper
 Which she called "Ride with The Moon"
I did a fun multi using the same colours (since she had them already mixed up!) and created "Jack's Lament"
Jack's Lament sold out within minutes of being put in the shop this morning, but there are still a few Ride with the Moons in there (on a couple different bases).

But I've gotten quite a few requests for more Jack, so I'll be doing up another batch this weekend. If you'd like one, send me a Rav message (I'm Wanderingcat).

And don't forget about the Spring Collection contest - it's on until Saturday, so scroll down a post!


kathy b said...

wow Both of you are so color talented!

Great theme and great yarns

Anonymous said...

Pretty color combo!

That was one of my favorite movies too. I love Jack!

Rachelle said...

No more of the self striping left either, probably just as well, the motorbike needs work (electrics melted)

Chrisknits said...

How neat! I love the names and the colors. Great job.

Araignee said...

Love. Love. Love. Love. Love.....where's Sally's?

Nancy Kay said...

Sooooo pretty!! You created one of my favorite color combos!!

Mary Lou said...

Those are so cool! What a great idea. Talent runs in the family, eh?

elns said...

I got mine!