Monday, March 23, 2015


What a week... and it's only Monday.

My week actually started yesterday. Stella was supposed to be all patched up, so as soon as Dave got home from the cottage, we headed out to go pick her up. (about 40 minutes away)

But as soon as I started her, I knew it wasn't right. Dave told me the rough start might just be from sitting.. but I know my car. A trip around the block confirmed my suspicions. She was a little better (there were no more big scary noises) but she still wasn't running right.

So that dear, sweet man of mine decided to tackle the job himself. And you can say what you will about him, but he knows his way around an engine. (And is really sexy doing it, too!)

A few hours later, he'd figured out what was wrong (beyond the original plug issue). When the plug blew (or when his uncle or the mechanic were tinkering around after) a crucial sensor was broken. The sensor wasn't expensive (as these things go - it was still money I didn't want to spend... but hey - I need my car!), and Dave could change it in 20 minutes - but it was Sunday at 5 pm by this time - we couldn't get the part.

I convinced him to give up for the night, and we dropped it back off at the mechanic's. A quick call to the mechanic, and a call to the parts guys this morning, and she was back up and running by noon.

Of course, all that messing around and unhooking the battery, knocked the power window control out. (I told you... she's a drama queen). Because of the convertible top, if the windows don't work, the door doesn't shut right (there's a sensor that lowers and raises them when you open and close the door, so they don't interfere with weather stripping.)

An hour later, that amazing guy of mine had them working again.

And then the battery died.

Fortunately, we were still at the shop. A quick boost, and I was finally on my way home. Stella is back in the driveway, and with any luck, she'll behave herself - at least until October.

Who needs a drink?

But you came here for the knitting, right?
Yeah - that's not going so hot either. I needed a break from the baby blanket. And I'd accidentally left my socks on my desk at work on Thursday (you have no idea how much I'm kicking myself over that one... five hours at Dave's grandma's on Sunday - and no knitting!). So I decided to pick up one of my other WIPs... the shawl design I mentioned several posts back.

It's knit in Fluffy Cat, and the yarn is an absolute delight. But the pattern I charted just isn't doing what I want. I've recharted three times, but it's still a no go. So... back to the drawing board...

Bring on Friday!, I'm so done with this week.


zoom said...

The universe owes you a good day!

Araignee said...

Oh, man. You do need a drink.

Bridget said...

It can only get better from here ... right?

Rachelle said...

I know exactly how you feel; pretty sure things get better though.
The fluffy shawl is looking pretty from here.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

After reading about all that car trouble, I needed a drink too! My car has manual controls for the windows and doors - too much can go wrong with having everything electrical!

The shawl looks pretty! I'm not sure my Wedge socks are behaving themselves either. They seem too big, but I don't want them too tight at the ankle and heel. I guess I'm going to finish the heel turn, try them on and then decide whether to rip back and knit smaller. Sigh.

Donna said...

Yes, a drink is in order indeed! I hope today is better.

kathy b said...

oh gosh, it is only Tuesday!

RobinH said...

5 hours with no knitting?! The horror! Glad to hear the car is up and running.

Nancy Kay said...

Oh my, you could use a break! Sure, have a drink.

What a relief to get the car in working condition once again!

Dee said... frustrating! Glad it is all fixed now.

I had a day like that today, only the broken thing was ME and while the dr. appt. went well, getting the prescription I needed was one wrong thing after another.

I need a DRINK! LOL