Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Surprisingly green thumb

Since I can't get out in my gardens yet, I'm trying to enjoy the small bit of greenery I've got inside.

The orchids seem to be doing well, but there's no new blooms stems yet. My poor Lemon fern died, but look what else is still going strong...
Yep - that's the Poinsettia I bought before Christmas. It's not as robust as it was when I bought it - but it's still nice and green. I've never kept an Poinsettia alive past Christmas.. and I wasn't even really trying with this one. But it was on the table with all the other plants, so it got a drink at the same time. I wonder if I can keep her alive until next Christmas... I guess I'll have to name her too.

And I'm still at work, trying to conjure up spring. (We are getting more snow as we speak)
 Another trip to the grocery store saw these pretty little purple crocuses come home with me.  Like the daffodils, they are potted, so the bulbs will go in the garden. It will be nice seeing those little purple flowers peeking up through the snow next spring.


Nancy Kay said...

Your plants looks so pretty...so spring! You are inspiring me to considering adding a spring bloomer to my indoor garden.

kathy b said...

aww that's a green thumb!
Love the purple crocus

elns said...

I'm excited you and the other growers are getting ready for a gardening and growing season. My black thumb lives vicariously through you. I think I've already killed my purple desk plant. I got it just around Valentine's Day. This might be a new record for me, ha!

Araignee said...

We are expecting another 4-8 inches on Thursday. Yuck.
I need to get out and see if any of my crocuses are poking up through the snow. Poor things.