Wednesday, February 3, 2016


This is how my day looks...
Yes, my thermometer is a penguin... what of it?
I appear to have contracted some sort of plague. And in between naps and near-constant nose blowing and coughing, I'm trying to get Dave's hat done.

Except I had to take one small break... because Rocky is absolutely sure Spring has arrived..
He might not be entirely wrong. It's currently 12 C (53 F), and he just had to celebrate by plonking himself under his favourite rose bush.

While he sat, and basically did nothing, Tux and I filled the bird-feeder and surveyed the yard
While the extremely mild winter is a bit disconcerting to my Canadian sensibilities, it does mean one good thing; I don't have to worry too much about losing any of my roses (or other plants) to the cold.

Everything is looking pretty good out there. If I was feeling better, I would have even done a little clean up. Tux was a good help though. He thoroughly inspected the Fox Glove
Then promptly peed on it...
And Rocky, sensing that I was about to bring them back inside, went into stealth mode...
"You can't see me! I get to stay outside!"

Of course, stealth mode is no match for a shaking treat bag... and we're all back on the couch where we belong.


Araignee said...

Oh, no....poor Daughter has been sick for weeks with some awful cold like thing. I made her go to urgent care on Sunday to make sure she didn't have pneumonia-she didn't just bronchitis and a sinus infection. This weather has been weird. Blizzard one day, 60's the next. The plants and animals are all confused-as am I.
Feel better soon!

kathy b said...

Shaking bag and here kitty kitty always works here. Hope the cold is not too awful

elns said...

Feel better soon Valerie! There is some yucky ick nast going around my neck of the woods as well. I'm throwing the citrus down my throat as well.

At least it's good to see your animal kingdom taking in the lay of the land. hehe. I love how well hidden Rocky is behind that Rose Bush. Tux peeing on the Fox Glove makes me think of what my son says as a caption, whenever there are pics of cats caught in action, "Deal with it."

WildflowerWool said...

Hope you are feeling better!