Saturday, February 6, 2016

Spring Fling

Our temps have dipped again, and I'm still fighting this horrible bug. But in between coughing fits... just like Rocky, I'm now dreaming of spring.

And it's all Old Navy's fault. Yep. They've brought back my favourite dress in a host of new prints. As you read this, Mr. Postman is working on bringing these three to my door step.
Pink... and Paisley... what's not to love? I absolutely love soft peachy pinks, but for some reason, never seem to have one in my dress collection.... well no longer!
 Warm gold.... and you know just what shoes I'm going to wear this with, right?
Purple and gold... bold but beautiful. (and also perfect with those sandals!)

And of course, new dresses has me thinking about new cardigans I can knit... so how about
Honeybee. (This one has been in and out of my queue several times)
Medallion. ( I think this may go on the needles verrrrrrrrrrry soon)
Or maybe Grisaille.... (too many choices!)

Now what did that darn rodent say again?


Anonymous said...


Hope you are feeling better soon!

kathy b said...

Oh that sweater is perfect for you. Old navy here I come. Allison would love the yellow dress!

Araignee said...

Squee......! Such fun dresses. Feel better soon.

gayle said...

Those almost make me wish I liked dresses. Almost. 8)
Any of those cardigans would look great, but I think Honeybee looks like the most fun to knit.