Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Stash enhancement

I was really hoping to knit most of my On the GO ebook from my stash. But (and this is a good thing).... my stash just isn't as big as I thought.

Well that's not true... really, I just don't have a tonne of sock yarn. Most of the stuff I squirrel away is for sweaters and shawls, and not suitable for the rough and tumble life of a sock.

So... as mentioned the other day, I had to do a little stash enhancing from the studio. In total, I brought home six skeins.
 The first is Alley Cat Falkland
Colourway is Romance (dyed this weekend)

Next up is Jungle Cat
In Banana Popsicle (my favourite popsicle flavour... also dyed this weekend)

Then some Twinkle Cat
In Fairy Falls. (I'm not usually an aqua person, but I just had to bring this one home after pulling it from the dyepot)

Then some Twisted Top Cat
In Juliet. This one was dyed a couple weeks ago, specifically for a pair of socks in the ebook. I just felt there needed to be a really pink pair.

And here we have some House Cat
 It's one of Miss Pee's creations. I would have called it Robin Red-Breast, but she says it's Mad Hatter. Either way, I like it!

And last... a skein of good old Alley Cat
This one is Skylark. I'm pretty sure it's one of Miss Rowan's older creations. Mom had it tucked away in her stash, but I stole it.

Now... I've got to get back to those socks! I've got lots of work ahead of me!


Anonymous said...

Lots to do, but I can't imagine anything more fun!

Mad Hatter is BEAUTIFUL and totally reminds me of the old MH.

Delighted Hands said...

Beautiful yarns acquired here! I really like the mad hatter skein! Have fun turning them into socks!

Vera said...

What great colors! I really like the Mad Hatter skein and the Banana Popsicle.

Lorraine said...

Do they still sell Banana popsicles? Those were my favorite too.

Araignee said...

Mmmm...Banana is my favorite flavor too. Now I want one. Love all those skeins!

kathy b said...

I;d put the faery falls and the aqua together for a striped shawl. I think they'd marry nicely

kathy b said...

I meant skylard and aqua sorry

The Well Fed Wheel said...

I'm loving that Mad Hatter!!! The only thing better than a banana popsicle is a rootbeer one. ;-)

Cat Lover said...

What gorgeous colours!

Mereknits said...

The colors are gorgeous. Love the names you picked for all the yarns. Enjoy.