Saturday, March 25, 2017

Warming trend

While the week was still pretty cold, all of our snow has melted. And now it seems like temps are finally on the rise. The trees seem to know that spring is on its way.

Of course, now it's raining... but April (or end o' March) showers bring May Flowers, right?

Before the rain hit, I took the chance to check on the gardens. Between snow, freezing weather, and the oblivious roofers property management hired to re-shingle our roof, they've taken a bit of a beating over the last couple of weeks.

The front garden seems to be doing ok. Of course, it's the only one the roofers didn't mess with. But it got it's fair share of snow.
I think most of the darker leaves are tulips. Two years ago, Dad gave me a pile of bulbs from his gardens. They got planted that fall, and last year they came up but didn't bloom. I'm hoping we get a better show this year.

The lighter leaves are mostly Day Lilies, but there are some daffodils, hyacinths, and Tukistan tulips in there too. Oh - and I planted some grape hyacinths in the fall, so maybe the squirrels left me some of those. Sadly, the Jacob's latter that was coming up has disappeared. I'm hoping it makes a comeback.

The side garden, is mostly doing okay. Some irises and/or allium (not sure yet) got a little squashed when the roofers decided to store a few bales of shingles and a ladder there (seriously, who thinks a garden is a good spot for that??, but the Speedwell is doing well, as are the sedums.
 The peonies are just starting to poke through. This is their third year, so I'm hoping to see some blooms.

Out back in the Big Bee garden, the Black Eyed Susans got slightly squashed when the roofers moved my garden cart through it (in their defense... that garden was covered by snow at the time... but gee golly!) I think they will be ok. Everything else seems fine though - The daisies are robust, the Cupids Dart and Bachelor Buttons are doing well. The Delphiniums are just starting to make their debut.

I think this is the Echinacea. It could also be a weed. It got moved around and some had  bit of a mite problem last year, so maybe that affected it yet, but it is still too early to tell.

The Little Bee garden gets the most sun and is doing well - with the exception of the Heath. It's definitely dead. It was never a super healthy plant and I think it just finally had enough. The fate of the Crimson Glory (red) is up in the air. The only green part she had has been broken off (I'm suspecting roofers....) and what's left is looking a little sad. Maybe some warm weather will cheer her up. But the white Delphiniums....
 ...Dianthans, and Bleeding Heart are all sprouting. Hopefully more signs of life will follow.

Over in the Butterfly Garden... my poor poppies that were doing so well... they are looking pretty  rough. Hard to say if it was the snow or the roofers, but I've got my fingers crossed they will bounce back
The Red Iris got a little munched, but I think it will survive. (Again, roofers or snow? Hard to say)

With the exception of my big pink Oriental Lily, all my Lilies are showing signs of life
But the big excitement is the Bee Balm
It started coming back a few weeks ago. It's related to mint, and so pretty hardy. But also like mint...
It seems to spread....
And spread!!!! Now I don't need quite THAT much Bee Balm, so once it gets a little more established, I'll pull some of it up and see if it takes to being transplanted. I'm part of a garden trade group, so I'm sure there's someone who'd be interested in some Bee Balm of their own.

Of course, it will still be a few weeks before things really take off and start blooming. So to soothe my need for flowers, I picked up thislittle beauty just before St. Patrick's Day.
 Love those little blooms!
What's in bloom in your world?


Anonymous said...

Around town . . . azaleas, dogwoods, casscia and lots of wildflowers.

At my house .....just the orchid that I purchased at the show last weekend.

Looks like you are going to have a full garden this year.

Mildred said...

You have a wonderful selection of plants. I hope everything recovers from the roofers. Here in GA, we have good luck moving bee balm. It tends to do better if we thin it out from time to time. The hummingbirds love the blooms.
Currently we have forsythia and quince blooming.
I hope you enjoy the weekend.

Araignee said...

That brings back such memories....I used to always buy some shamrocks on St Patrick's Day. Our grocery store used to always carry them and they were so pretty in their green wrapping. No more.

bittenbyknittin said...

Many types of tulips bloom only once or twice - good luck with yours. I've yanked echinacea, thinking it was a weed - live and learn! Forsythia is blooming around here, and crocus, and the daffodils are just getting started.

kathy b said...

Oh those inconsiderate roofers. Geez!
You have some action there green thumb lady!

I do see a few sprouts in my Winter Sow. If they start to really pop I'll show you. Its just 3 little sprouts right now. I think its the lupine. I didnt label the jugs.

I have daffs, hyacinth, day lilies and irises coming up! Buds on some trees.
I have a pollinator bee house to put out. I was just at a craft show and the woman selling beautiful wooden lacquered bee nurseries with copper roofs, said put them out now. The leaf cutter bees need the nursery now as the first flowers blossom she said. I'll put it out tomorrow in a warm south location . I cant wait for bee babies. Anything to help the polliinators.

Delighted Hands said...

So nice to see your garden waking up-it's going to be warm here this week, too!
I used to have some Shamrocks; I will need to look for it again! Right now I am happy with my geraniums and my large Begonia blooming!

Vera said...

Wow! You have lots and lots. I love bee balm, but for some reason we've never had luck with it. Hyacinths are just coming up and daffodils are beginning to bloom. It all seems slow this year.

Mereknits said...

Signs of Spring as so fun to see when they pop out. I have roses, well I do live in Florida so it has been Spring for a long time. Hugs.