Friday, May 31, 2013

Paving a new path - Distracted by the roadside squirrel

Project start: April 11, 2013
Weight at start of project: 210 lbs
Goal weight 160lbs.
Current weight: 204lbs.
 It's only a couple of months in, and I'll admit it, I've already fallen off the wagon. With the move, unpacking, gardening, deadline knitting, socials commitments, a hectic month at work... I just haven't been as focused on my goal as I should be.

Actually - that probably should have been my goal - to stay focused on my goals!

But anyway, I haven't stuck with my eating plan. I haven't been eating as bad as I could, but I could definitely be doing better.  I really need to commit to making lunch instead of buying.

And I haven't exercised - at all. Okay - my coworker and I went for a walk once. One day out of twenty four this month... that's just sad.

Now  I did still mange to lose three pounds, but I'm a long way from breaking my bad habits.

But - tomorrow is a brand new month - a fresh start! Right? Right.


Araignee said...

RIGHT! You (we) can do it. I haven't lost any weight either but I have cut out my night time noshing. As for exercise...Daughter gave me her amazing elliptical when she moved. Have I used it? Nooooooooo.....

Rachelle said...

My diet this month has been awful as well, exercise has been happening due to me needing to do DIY and moving furniture around, plus a 40 minute walk this week during our first snow of the winter. I had lost weight, but have gone back up again, trying to stop the sugar again, but it's hard to do when the stress levels are up.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Oh yes, pack a lunch and some healthy snacks! You can do it. Summer is the perfect time to get outside to walk, bike, garden and what have you!

Anonymous said...

Every minute is a fresh start moment. Three pounds down is GREAT. Just remember ... it *could* have been three pounds ON!

June 1 --- busta move girl! It's time to WALK!

:-) (Or knit really, really fast. I hear it CAN be aerobic!)

Nancy Kay said...

Yup, new month, new start, with a focus on the good habits you want to keep. The sign is hilarious, by the way!!

Frieda said...

Yesterday is over and done , try and stay positive , you did lose three pounds and that IS a start . If you focus too much on the negative it can be self defeating . Take it from someone who knows .

Samantha said...

You can do it!!!!

Knatolee said...

Just keep on keeping on! :)