Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Growing up, the family kitchen was yellow - a nice, warm golden shafe. And the kitchen was always a happy place, full of warmth from the wood stove, the aromas of Mom's baking, and the laughter of family dinners.

I think that's why yellow always makes me happy.
Now that we have the lovely table, I'm taking advantage of a space for fresh flowers. Last week was pale yelllow tulips -  this week I couldn't resist the red roses and happy yellow freesia.
Even my yellow socks are making me smile. In fact, I think I like pale yellow lace almost as much as I like white lace.

What colour makes you smile?


Rocky says thank-you for all the love....

And Tux says:
"Rocky can pout all he likes - she's MY human!"


Rhonda said...

There wasn't much laughter around the dinner table when dad made salmon cakes. :(

Anonymous said...

Ooooo...freesia. I love freesia.

My favorite color is burgundy --- a rich, deep burgundy.

Nancy Kay said...

Your bouquet of flowers is beautiful. They sure dress up a table!

I like the pale yellow lace socks too. The pattern is very lacy, very feminine!

And the boys...they love their momma! So sweet!

Rachelle said...

Those socks are looking really nice! I'm not a great yellow fan, but for socks it works; my favourite colour is peacock, especially if paired with purple; yum!
I envy you the freesias; will be a while before mine flower again, if they do. They used it be in a fairly dry spot, but since the earthquakes and new drive they get drowned each time it rains heavily.

Delusional Knitter said...

Right now I am happy that there's lots of green outside! A few days of sun and warmer weather and those tiny buds on the trees have opened up and are almost leaves!

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Pretty sock.

We too had a yellow kitchen growing up, but everything was yellow - the walls, the cupboards inside and out, the ceiling, the countertops ... everything. Even the curtains and table cloth were primarily yellow. It was really overwhelming, and I still mostly hate yellow to this day.

Araignee said...

Lovely post. You made my day!

kathy b said...

Tux is gorgeous . I love pale yellow as much as cream too

elns said...

Haha! Tux has totally "claimed" you in that picture.

Yellow is definitely a smiling color. I like it bright and zesty and citron! Fake buttered popcorn looking ;)

But I am a color slut. I like the blue and green hues of a tropical vacation to smile too.

I have learned to smile a lot with pink in the last 2 years.