Saturday, May 24, 2014

Sunny Saturday

It's been a nice, warm weekend so far - but I spent most of it indoors finishing up Sauble Sunset (pics tomorrow)
Princess Peno kept me company as the boys were being lazy elsewhere (mostly on Dave's side of the bed.)

I did venture out to check on the gardens and fill the bird feeder. Almost everything is doing nicely. Some more Turkistan Tulips have bloomed...
These ones are solid yellow.

But out back... remember that little sunflower that was getting ready to bloom?
Well that's not going to happen because someone bit his head clean off! Mr. Squirrel? Bunbun? Possum? I don't know - but they better not make a habit of it!


Anonymous said...

Oh no ......hope the culprit moves on.

The other night Steve heard a noise out front and looked out to see a huge deer eating my azaleas!!! ARGH!

The flowers sure are pretty.

Wait --- aren't the cats NOT supposed to be on Dave's side of the bed?

Araignee said...

Poor headless sunflower...
I have yet to plant a single thing and I even had the heat on this morning. I can't get in the mood for spring when I am still wearing wool socks at night.

Nancy Kay said...

The yellow bloom is sure pretty. Glad you and Peno are enjoying the sunny spring days!

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Those tulips are so amazing - makes me want some. But better not; I've had no luck with tulips at all. Some little critters come and dig up the bulbs at night and I'm just left with a mess :(