Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The sun is setting...

...on Sauble Sunset.
She's on the blocking board, but she's not done yet.

I still have to do the bands, but I wanted to see how big it would block out first. I was starting to think I might need to add some length to the straps, and I didn't want to have to rip out the bands if that was the case.

But I think it's going to be okay. Once it's dry, I'll add the bands. I was planning on adding cap sleeves too, but I think I'm running perilously short of yarn - so I'll knit the bands, see what's left, then make that decision.

In other knitting news, Mom released a couple of new patterns.

The Whole Nine Yards Socks
And The Whole Nine Yards Cowl
The pattern looks cabled, but it's just a clever arrangement of knit and purl stitches - easy peasy! Get yours today!


Lily Razz said...

How clever of you to think of blocking the piece before adding the bands! Both patterns look amazing, and I love the green yarn used on the socks!

Nancy Kay said...

All three knits are beautiful. You are so talented! And such a quick knitter!!

Chrisknits said...

That vest will be adorable! Wish I looked good in vests, they are so much quicker than cardigans!

kathy b said...

Pretty pretty green socks. LOVE the pattern.

elns said...

beautiful socks. another one to add to my favorites. i really need to get cracking to build up my technique and speed.