Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Official August Garden Check-in

The gardens are going fairly well

The white rose still has some fungus - will be looking at fungicides on pay-day
I still find the odd Japenese beetle, but so far I've avoided all-out carnage.

I'll have some Jalepenos ready to pick soon - I've got my hot pepper jelly recipe ready!

I've still yet to get a red strawberry before the strawberry thief takes a bite out of it... but soon. I'll get some netting on payday!

The tomatoes are producing like crazy
I get about this many every day!

The wild sunflowers are really growing on me.
At first I was disappointed, but this one is just so cute, and has so many blooms and buds (there are two more on the stem with the larger bloom)! The only "real" sunflower I got looks like it's getting ready to bloom - so hopefully I'll have pics soon.

And remember all my seedlings?
Well, I forgot to mark what got put where, but I'm pretty sure much of that greenery is echinacea and poppies. I'm starting to think I won't get blooms this year, but next year.....

And of all the perennials I bought, the Coreopsis is doing the best
It's right by the front step, and it just blooms and blooms! I love it! I'd never even heard of it before I bought it, but it's definitely one of my favourites now!


Anonymous said...

Looks like your garden grows quite well.

Ours would too if it weren't for those pesky (but totally adorable) deer. LOL

Araignee said...

You've got quite the green thumb!

Alisha said...

Everything looks great. You should plant a raspberry bush. We get like easy 12 cups if not more each year.

WildflowerWool said...

Great garden!