Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Treasure hunting

Dave and I don't get a lot of time off together. He works every weekend now, so it's mostly just holidays when we are both free - but then so much is closed, or crazy busy, that we just don't get out much together any more.

But I had a few extra vacation days so on Monday I took one, bundled him into my car and set out on an adventure.

The main destination was one of our favourite antique/used/old junk stores about an hour and a half away.
But, of course, we hit up every other little barn sale, swap shop and thrift store along the way. Dave found a little tube radio, which always makes his day. I came home with so much more
This unique pewter bracelet...
A vintage mirror fit for a princess (it needs a good cleaning, and perhaps a new paint job, but I just fell in love with it.) a set of 12 vintage mason jars (they will be used for canisters and storing other odds and ends) and an old glass milk bottle that I thought would make the perfect vase for our dining room table.

I also found a Christmas present for my Dad... but I can't show you because it's secret!

We had perfect weather - sunny but not too hot. I was a little bummed to see some of the trees are already turning, but I shouldn't be surprised, they said it was going to be a short summer.

Really makes me wish we had more time off together, but at least we made the most of the time we did have!


Rachelle said...

I love the bracelet and so would my youngest (snake mad, and very disappointed you can't get any here).
Our spring flowers are coming out over here, still cold though.

Anonymous said...

Glad you had such a great day. I love poking through antique stores.

Knatolee said...

Nice haul! I love that bracelet!

Araignee said...

What a lovely day. I am crazy about that milk bottle. I am old enough to remember them being delivered to the house and I was just thinking about looking for one. Milk tastes better in them-even soy!

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Looks like a fun outing and you scored some real finds!

Monika said...

Oh what fun! We used to do that too! I found a coffee set once (pot, cups, saucers, sugar bowl and plates), made in Austria!!! up North from here. I never expected that. Of course I had to have it. :o)

kathy b said...

I completely understand. We had years and decades of trading schedules so we never needed childcare.
It was hard. We loved our days off together even though rare.
LOVE your idea of fun. I love hunting too

Nancy Kay said...

The sign made me laugh...referring to the man cave to lure men in to the sale. Ha. Good finds!