Sunday, September 28, 2014

All tangled up

Since casting off the last few projects, it seems like I'm all tangled up... in cables.

I've started a new hat design. I was planning on knitting a shawl with the angora and handspun I flashed a few weeks back, but I went to bed the other night dreaming of a cabled hat with an angora brim. When I woke up the next morning, I just had to start it.
That's the brim blocking. As soon as it's dry, I'll pick up the stitches for the rest and knit it in Mom's handspun.

While I'm waiting, I'm working on another design. Something I've been meaning to knit for a while
A cabled boot topper for one of my favourite pairs of boots. I don't wear them very often because the top edge snags and puts runs in my tights. This should solve the problem nicely! It's being knit in Stray Cat.

After the last few large projects, it's nice to have some quick knits on the needles!


Anonymous said...

That hat brim will be so soft! Pretty pattern that you dreamed up.

Araignee said...

Grrrr.....I've been sulking all night about not picking up any angora today at a fiber fest I attended and then I had to see your project. Now I'm really mad. That looks lovely. I'm the world's worst shopper-even when it comes to the fuzzy stuff.

GĂ©raldine B. said...

That looks great ! HAve a nice day !

Nancy Kay said...

Both projects look GREAT. The patterns are so attractive.

kathy b said...

Your boot trim is such a great pattern and color!!