Sunday, September 21, 2014

Wonderfully warm weekend

The last week has been unseasonably cold and more than a little rainy, with it even dipping below freezing one night. But Friday night blew in a breath of fresh air, along with a nice warm weekend. 

I took advantage of the weather, put the top down on the car and headed up to Mom's. My brother's family was visiting, so I got to see the girls and finish up a few custom orders for the shop.
Miss Rowan was quite insistent on helping out, so I promised her as long as she was good, she could dye up a couple of skeins before we were done. (Her's are the crazy purple ones on the end.)

Today my attention has been all for Eve. I was hoping to get her finished today, so I settled down on the couch and set to it.
Miss Peno kept my extra yarn safe for me. Sadly, as usual, I've underestimated how long it will take to complete. She should be done this week, but not tonight. I'll get back to her as soon as I finish up dinner, and a little seasonal dessert..
Apple crisp and French Vanilla ice cream - definitely worth taking a break for.


Minding My Own Stitches said...

Send some of that apple crisp this way!!! We've had a lovely sunny day too, so we spent it at the Lakeshore. I did knit a bit in the car on the way there and back :)

kathy b said...

That's it. Ill be making apple crisp this week!! Its time

Anne Arnold Pierce said...

scrumptious the yarn and the crisp and of course His Majesty!

Araignee said...

I LOVE apple crisp. I haven't made it in years. Apples are pitiful here. I haven't had a decent one in ages.

Rachelle said...

That dessert looks yummy! We've kind of stopped having pudding here, the decent icecream rarely comes on special and I wont' buy the other stuff.
I think I might have to make some apple crumble though and have it with cream instead; yum.

Nancy Kay said...

Nice yarn... a cozy Miss Peno... warm temps... and apple crisp! A perfect autumn weekend!