Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year: A Year of Colour!

Yep, it's a start of another new year! And, as I alluded to several weeks back, this year is going to be all about colour for me. I've chosen six colour-centric projects that I want to complete this year (as opposed to a crazy 12 like last year!!!)

And they are:

1) Colour Affection
Come hell or high water - I'm knitting one of these!!! I've left it for far too long!!!

2) East meets West
Another hold-over from last years goals. I really love this bag. I need it. (not to mention, my purse is toast.)

3) Sherlock Lives
I love Sherlock, and I love yoked cardigans. I need this. NEED it. Because I am (totally) Sherlocked!

4) Fox Paws
When this came up on Ravelry a few months ago, I totally fell in love. But it was the start of the Christmas knitting season.... there was no way I could start it... but stayed tuned... there's been talk of a KAL in the WCY group...

5) Ice House
This is an interesting chart with an interesting contest (click the linky for details) I don't know if I'll make the contest deadline, but I need to make something with this.

6) Katzenjammer
Because... seriously... how cute is that????

Extra credit: Flowers of Scotland
So, so pretty....

Okay... the countdown is on - 364 days - let's get 'er done! What are your goals for 2015?


kathy b said...

That bag is amazing ! I love your colorful choices
Happy happy new year

Samantha said...

Colour is a great way to celebrate 2015! Your pattern choices are fantastic. I LOVE Katzenjammer. I may add that one to my list. In 2015 I intend to knit different things ... not my normal stuff. At least one funky weird thing I wouldn't normally choose. One is a good goal for me I think. LOL

Anonymous said...

Katzenjammer might be my favorite of all of those.

Not really making any goals, other than to knit down some of my stash.

Chrisknits said...

That last one is stunning!!! I can see that in a blanket.

Araignee said...

Fabulous choices!
My only goal for now is to finish what I've started. It may even take me longer than 2015 to see that through.

Rachelle said...

Finish all current WIP's, weave more, sew more, make more stuff that looks like it's from the past, keep the kids alive and my beloved happy and pay off bills.

Nancy Kay said...

All these projects are soooo pretty. I am very intrigued by the purse. It doesn't look felted; perhaps it's a very tight knit? Anyway, the colorful patterns are wonderful eye candy!!

lexa said...

Wow! Love that Katzenjammer!!