Thursday, May 28, 2015

Faerie magic

I don't know if my friend south of the border have Dollarama stores. If not, you're missing out on something awesome.

Dollarama is a discount chain that offers a whole range of items for $3 or less. (It use to all be just $1... but well you know... inflation and economies and all that). But they aren't your typical junky dollar store... they have a surprising amount of decent stuff (like Betty Crocker cookware.. pans, utensils, you name it!)

And then they have some pretty cool stuff. I was in the new one that just opened up near my house (I use to have to drive all the way to Mom's to go to one), meandering through the garden aisles when I came across some mushrooms.... but not just any mushrooms....
 How cute is that??? They had them in all different finishes, it was hard to decide. I almost bought several. In fact a few days later, I was kicking myself for not getting more. And then, I had to stop in at the mall by my work to get a new phone card, and I might just have meandered on down to the Dollarama there..

And they had different ones!!!!
And even little mini ones!

I just had to get one for the faerie garden!

But I haven't told you the best part.... the ones in the bee garden.... are chimes!!!! The heads are on springs and they make nice little tinkling noise as they bobble against the stem.

Thank you Dollarama! (And apparently I have to make a trip back to get some for Dad's gardens...)


kathy b said...

I need to send my sister 50 gifts for her 50th...dollarama or whatever here i come

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh .......they are TOO cute! Great find!

Nancy Kay said...

Very, very cute in the various gardens! Great find!

Araignee said...

So adorable....I can just see a fairy sitting underneath one staying dry in the rain. It's so damp and hot around here we are already growing our own. I probably should look into growing some edible ones.

Rachelle said...

So cute! Not seen anything like that here, certainly not at those prices. The stores we had that were $1 stores are now called "Just Incredible" and they're crap quality for higher than $1 prices; quite a bit higher often.