Sunday, May 31, 2015

Rocky's Bluebird of Happiness

Finally some knitting!
I've spent a good part of the weekend making some catnip toys for a coworker who recently adopted two kittens.

But someone got a little jealous. Especially when I wouldn't even let him just lick the new toys.

So, being a good cat Mom, I designed one just for him
"Oooh - you smell like a tasty little bird."
It seems to have gone over well...
"This one is mine! Get your own!"
... and like Rocky says... you'll have to make your own. But don't worry - the pattern is free!
"Mine, mine, mine, mine, miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine"
Now that's a happy kitty.


Anonymous said...

You get the BEST pictures of Rocky!!!! He certainly is a handsome fellow.

Araignee said...

I wish my kitties would get a kick out of catnip like that. They don't seem to be interested in it at all. Now wool....that brings out the crazy in them. They love the smell of sheep.

Lorraine said...

But other cat's toys are way more fun.

WildflowerWool said...

Those toys are so cute, love the bird that you designed. I might just have to knit one of those too.

kathy b said...

Ohhhhh Thank you for the pattern!!!! My cats will love one or two

Nancy Kay said...

Those cat toys are the bomb!!! Cute as can be! I'm so glad Rocky got a little blue bird of his own; he seems to be very happy!

wildtomato said...

Eeek! So cute!