Monday, May 11, 2015

Past the hard bit

There hasn't been a tonne of knitting time. It is planting season after all. But Sherlock is chugging along.

I've divided for the body and have about an inch or two done. I'm happy to say, I've tried it on and it's going to fit just fine.
I made a bit of a mod to the chart. The original was taken from a repeating chart and it just cut off, looking a little odd to me... I made a few changes here and there and now it looks like it finishes where its should. (At least to me).

And now it's nothing but stockknit from here on out. Good thing it's a yarn I love to work with!


kathy b said...

it is so beautiful. You are creating a gorgeous sweater.

Anonymous said...

That means it is now good "TV" knitting!

That's going to be a very fetching sweater!

Araignee said...'s spectacular!

Rachelle said...

Looking great and I think I want one too! Too many lovely things and not enough time