Friday, May 15, 2015

Let's eat

The last bit of gardening I had to do this weekend....
The food garden. Nothing crazy this year. Just the usual.
It think the cold winter was hard on my strawberries, but they are slowly coming back. I'm still hoping to add a couple more plants, but the garden center didn't have any yet. I edged the garden with marigolds, because I read it keeps the bunnies away... but we'll see about that.
Along the back, I planted some wee little cherry tomato plants. I don't eat them but I just love growing them. Dave eats some and the rest I share with friends and family.

In between I planted some garlic. The bulbs I planted in the winter didn't make it, so I thought I'd give it another shot with the warmer weather. We'll see what happens.
I also picked up this "salad bowl" from the garden center. Five different types of lettuce in one planter. You just pick the leaves when you need it and the lettuce just keeps on growing. It doesn't get any fresher than that. And this year - we might even enjoy a few meals out back on our new patio set.
I really wanted to get a patio swing this year - but then I saw this and it was such a good price, I just couldn't pass it up. I don't think you'll see me inside much this summer.


Nancy Kay said...

Your outdoor living space is looking terrific!! How inviting. And just think of all the pretty flowers you will be enjoying over a bowl of home-grown salad fixin's.

Anonymous said...

Meals outside on the porch always seem a little tastier.

We don't have a porch set right now. Our last one rusted through. :-( It's time to go looking for a new one I think.

Araignee said...

That salad bowl idea is brilliant.
Love the patio. If it weren't for the skeeters I'd be out all summer too.

elns said...

Things are looking really good in your back yard. It's a haven you have. You're going to have some lovely summer meals out there. I'm intrigued about the marigolds being anti bunny. Keep us posted!

kathy b said...

Happy OUTDOOR Knitting and gardening.

Rachelle said...

My favourite lettuces are the pick and eat varieties that keep growing, got some out in the vege patch now.
I'm hoping we'll get a porch set next summer, at the moment we have a homemade picnic table with a balance problem.