Sunday, May 3, 2015

Running in the sun

Yesterday was the first Saturday in May, so that meant....
I think she brushed her hair - because I still have convertible head!)
It was time for our Annual Sam Runs her Ass Off  While I Sit and Knit. We had an absolutely perfect day for it. The first year we did it, it was sunny but cool. Last year it was chilly and rainy. But this year....
Knee socks make you faster
We were able to put the top down on Stella.

At about 4:30 p.m., I put Sam on the shuttle bus to the start line.
Don't lick the windows!
and I headed over to the finish line at Lakefront Promenade Park. 
Such a pretty park
The race didn't start until 6 and I had a little more than an hour to kill. So I settled in to do what I do best.
and try to get a bit of sun on those pasty legs.
I knit away and watched the ducks swim by
It was much cooler down by the lake (Sam was very glad she wore those knee socks) and just as she was starting to run, I had to put the knitting away because my fingers were too cold.
But I managed to get several repeats done on Sagittarius... I told you it was a fast pattern... I'm already half way down the foot.

And 25 minutes after the starting gun
She was cruising past the finish line! And we get to do it again next year!


WildflowerWool said...

Sounds like a great day!

Araignee said...

Fun! Looks like a good place for a run.

kathy b said...

what a great day. I loved seeing the day. Glad your weather was in improvement!

Anonymous said...

Sam is AWESOME!!!

Your new socks look pretty terrific too. :-)

Nancy Kay said...

I would be most happy to knit and watch the ducks while my good friend ran a race!! Sounds like a great day for the girls to be out with Stella.

Samantha said...

Best day ever!