Tuesday, July 21, 2015

An Ode to Old Navy

Do you have an article of clothing that you can't live with out (and I'm not talking about underpants...). One that fits so well and that you love so much that you have to have it in every colour?

I found mine this spring. It was on a shopping trip with my friend Aneesha. She'd pulled me in to Old Navy to check out their clearance stuff. I'd never been a huge fan of Old Navy - most of the stuff wasn't my style, and I found the quality to be lacking in a lot of stuff. But I followed along because she'd patiently waited as I perused the clearance racks at Reitmans next door.

Well... Old Navy was having a huge dress sale... (and you know I love my dresses). So I grabbed a few likely suspects off the rack, and headed to the change rooms. I fell in love with three... and wouldn't you know it, when I got to the cash, the one I really, really loved wasn't on sale. I hate to pay full price, so I set it aside and left with the other two, still pretty pleased with myself.

But I dreamed about that dress. Oh, did I ever. I rarely regret leaving something behind (except for maybe those Nine West Shoes, which were first spied on that same shopping trip.)

And so, the next week, I began stalking Old Navy's website, watching for it to come on sale. About a month later, it did. The credit card was out of my wallet so fast, it would make your head spin.
And since it was on sale... I grabbed one in another colour.
Because who can resist purple???

When they arrived, I immediately changed into the purple one. I couldn't believe how well they fit. Being extremely busty, and hippy, but with a really short torso, and stupidly long legs, finding dresses that fit perfectly is near to impossible. I almost always have to take something in, let something down and just generally make adjustments.

Not with these dresses. Everything is right where it's suppose to be. And wouldn't you know it, when I ordered those two, it was during their "Super Cash" promotion - which meant they sent me a $20 coupon for my next purchase.

That meant a few weeks later I came home with one in White Linen
Navy print

And crazy print
Since then, I have pretty much lived in these dresses. There were a couple other prints available, but unfortunately, they didn't have them in my size. (The U.S. Old Navy site had even more prints... but the shipping to Canada was more than the dresses.)

And then, this morning I got this crazy idea to go on the Old Navy site once again... just to see... and wouldn't you know it
Three new prints...
All on sale for 60% off...
And all available in my size. And I bought them all. And I don't feel bad about it one whit.  Throw on a tights and a cardigan, these beauties will take me right through winter! (And that last one is going to look great with Sherlock!)

Old Navy.... I think I love you.


Anonymous said...

Cute stuff! And all on sale! SCORE!!!!

I hit Talbots over the weekend and found a pair of shorts I really just HAD TO HAVE! They have embroidered flamingos. Originally $60.00 --- I got them for $20. Of course I had to get a t-shirt to coordinate. Originally $30 ---- down to $11.99.

I was quite pleased with myself.

Araignee said...

I used to love the end of summer sales. I could get a whole new back to school wardrobe for next to nothing. It's hot here until Thanksgiving so that meant anything I bought would still get lots of use. I do love those dresses. Too bad I don't have anywhere to where them since I retired.

elns said...

OMG, what a score! The dress is super cute. I got all excited since I have declared it is a summer of no pants and then remember I have a permanent food baby. I live in the empire waist. Enjoy your dresses. Dress + Cardigan = uniform of choice these days! You can knit so many lovely things to go with them too. And YES Sherlock will fantastic with that last frock!

CelticCastOn said...

These are veery cute but I find Old Navy stuff hardly covers my butt. I can't stand having to do the crazy knees together bend to pick something up and always feeling self conscious that I'm flashing someone.

lexa said...

I love Old Navy. I like to wait til they have promo codes for like 20-30% off in addition to their sale prices. Plus free shipping on orders over $50.... you can get a lot of stuff sometimes for under $100! :)

Lorraine said...

I have the opposite problem- no bust, long torso and shorter legs. But I think with the leggings and a cardi- it can work for everyone. It's comfortable and stylish. Congrats on your score.

kathy b said...

I have very short legs. I am thrilled you found dresses you love and feel great in. I always love your modeling your knits

Nancy Kay said...

Wow. Did you ever hit the JACKPOT. They are very cute dresses. You are set for the seasons!