Sunday, October 23, 2016

Freak du Chic

The other day, it was raining after work. That usually means the traffic going home will be bad (and it's rarely good on a sunny day...). Before I left the office,  I took a look at the traffic maps, and sure enough, it was a catastrophe.

Fortunately, there's a decent discount mall not too far from work, so I figured it would be a good place to wander for a few hours while I waited for traffic to ease.

While I did go with a bit of a mission to find a pair of cheap white ballet flats (which I did... along with a grey pair and a pink pair.... hey... they were 3/$10), I wasn't really planning on spending much money.

But I'd wandering into Winners to see if they had any  jeans Dave would like. They didn't so I moseyed a little further into the store towards the shoe department. On the way there, I passed the toy department, and something jumped out at me...
I've been keeping my eyes out for an inexpensive Frankie Stein doll for my collection. I almost bought one a few weeks back, but her outfit was a little on the dull side.

This Frankie is anything but - she's absolutely magical!
Frankie is the daughter of the Frankenstein monster of course, an had the neck bolts to prove it!
Of all my monsters, she's probably got one of the sweetest faces - and I love the mismatched eyes!
I love the Bride of Frankenstein inspired hair
And of course..... those boots!
I'm gonna need another shelf soon!


Araignee said...

She'a bootiful!

Bridget said...

OMG I love her!

The Well Fed Wheel said...

Awesome boots! Those eye lashes are pretty rad too.

Anonymous said...

She has a kind of "sweet" face for a monster. What is she holding in her hand?

Delighted Hands said...

Always great to add to the collection! Fun!