Monday, October 3, 2016

Hunkering down

The weather the last few days has been mostly rainy. And while it hasn't been actually "cold" yet, the damp seems to get into my bones and I find it hard to shake off the chill.

But, it's given me the push  I needed to get moving on the Big Purple Hug again.
This is the second sleeve complete. When you work with fine yarn and small needles so much, it's easy to forget how quick and satisfying worsted weight on 4.5mm can be.

I just have to knit 14 more inches flat for the back, and then I can graft it to the other back and sleeve. Then it's pick up eleventy billion stitches for the shawl collar, and work eleventy billion rows of garter. But at least it's big, squishy rows!

And for those who asked the other day.... the pattern for this is Maeve. The only mods I've made (so far) is to knit the sleeves/backs seperate and graft in the centre. The pattern has you knit up one sleeve, across the whole back, and down the other sleeve. But other knitters have complained that the cast on looks to different from the cast off. Grafting provides a nice solution, and allows me to adjust the back width easier, if necessary.


Anonymous said...

Surely your nice, squishy hug will be ready before the cold weather sets in.

Araignee said...

That was the way my Elizabeth was knit-side to side which was a very interesting adventure.

Delighted Hands said...

Nice to get back to (and conquer!) a large project! This is good timing so you will have it in time for the real chill!

kathy b said...

I think you will look so pretty in this color sweater!!