Sunday, March 2, 2008

The most wonderful time of the year

I'm probably one of the only people who like this time of year... tax time... but I really do like it.
I love sitting down with my t4s, receipts, pencil and calculator and seeing my magical return appear on the page.
It's almost like connect the dots for adults... only with math and there's (usually) a prize at the end. It's like a lottery with better results than I get from Super 7!
And the even better part... I get to do two returns, because Dave HATES math. Woohoo!
Last year I did them online, but it was really unfulfilling, so this year I went back to paper. It takes a wee bit longer to get the prize at the end, but it's more fun this way.
And of course Rocky helped me out. Between shooting my pencil around, and sitting on my papers he was about as helpful as a migraine
And he decided to show the government just what he thinks about tax time.He also helped with the laundry...

Fresh out of the dryer


And putting it away....

All that work is pretty tiring, so the only thing left to do is take a nap in the knitting (where we've been strictly forbidden to sleep)


Samantha said...

Rocky is hilarious.

Michael already had his taxes done, but I still have to do mine. Freaking pain in the ass they are. LOL

Anonymous said...

We used to do our own but one year I got a $2500 return and then 8 months later they asked for it back. Now I pay an accountant.

Rhonda said...

Nice shots. Too bad he doesn't put his own toys away, too.

Mica said...

I love your kitty! ^-^

Have fun with the taxes, I'm dreading the day when I have to do mine :/