Sunday, March 16, 2008

What a week

Wow... where did the week go?.... been busy, busy, busy, finishing up a large barette order, knitting and chasing the cat out of the yarn, the food, the laundry, etc, etc.....
I got some great new beads in the mail this week.. including some HUGE amber beads. I'll post pics soon. I also got some really great emerald beads... emeralds are my favourite stone, so I'll need something really special for them.

I also got a beautiful ring (a little treat for myself ) and I think Rocky has run off with it... I can't find it anywhere.... if you were a shiny silver ring with a honking mystic topaz stone... where would you be?

In knitting news, I am now knitting for Vineyard Alpacas, this great little alpaca farm just around the corner from my house. Her yarn is absolutely beautiful, this is gonna be fun! I also have to got up to the Needle Emporium to get this pattern:
Oh.. almost forgot.. bedtime story isn't quite finished.... got box spring on Friday.... but they sent the wrong frame..... so the saga continues... sigh...

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Samantha said...

I'm rather drunk right now so I have no idea what your post says, but that cat is cute and so are those knitted alpacas (????)