Saturday, January 22, 2011

Baby it's cold outside

As our intrepid little feline reporter alluded to early, it's darn cold outside. Southern Ontario (and much of North America) is experiencing a cold snap. But despite Rocky's best intentions, I don't need cat hair to keep warm. I have this:You may remember, I bought some Mini Mochi at the Needle Emporium last month as a little Happy Birthday to me. I was going to make socks, but discovered I didn't like knitting single ply yarn on small needles. So... shawl it was.

This is Lumi, but modified. Since I was only making a little shawlette and in fingering yarn, I started the leaf motif almost immediately. Have I told you how much I love knitting leaves?

I loved working with Mini Mochi. it was so soft and the colour changes kept it interesting. I was a little disappointed though, as the first ball had TWO knots, and one joined two completely different colours, totally out of sequence. I had to do a little creative cutting and splicing, but that's why there is only one band of the real orange, orange.

Anyway, I thought this would go nicely with the beret I made from Smoking Hot Needles lovely handspun yarn. (Go buy some! It's AWESOME). I have enough of the hand spun left to make a pair of gloves or mitts.

I do have some more finished knitting to show you, but it will have to wait until tomorrow. I left it too late to take pictures, and was losing the light while shooting the shawl.

So, the house is mostly clean (but it will never be completely cat hair free) so I'm going to throw a roast in the oven then sit back and let my needles click, click, click.

Hope you're all keeping warm!


Monika said...

This shawl is gorgeous! I love the orangy stripe in the middle. It makes it interesting.
It's cold isn't it? I've dug out more handknits, because I have to go outside many times with three dogs, and apparently small bladders. :o)

Happy knitting!

Denise said...

Love the colors on that shawl. I need to get some Mini Mochi. I've been wanting some for awhile.

I added that shawl pattern to the others on my favorites on Rav.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Very pretty, that shawl! And your plan for the evening sounds very relaxing.

Rhonda said...


lexa said...

We've got a cold snap here in NS as well. Coldest it has been yet this winter, Monday is going to be the worst -- so far only a high of -11C. I don't mind the cold too bad if it isn't windy. Last night the wind was ridiculous, I thought the house was going to blow away.

Love the shawl!

thrummingalong said...

It is lovely. Of course you have won my heart again. Have it in my favourites.

Delusional Knitter said...

That is beautiful. I have some mini mochi I didn't know what to do with and that pattern in my queue ... looks like a good idea!

Louise said...

Love the shawl!