Monday, January 31, 2011

Knitters need not fear the coming storm

It's winter. So there is no surprise that there's some snow a-comin'. (A winter storm is on it's way tomorrow afternoon, with an expected snowfall of approx 35 cm -14 in - for my area) But you'd think it was the coming apocalypse with the way people are freaking out around work.

The newspaper has proclaimed it "The worst storm in 2 years!!!!" Um.. considering we got very little snow last year, and only one or two "real dumpings" the year before - that's not saying much.

Compared to what London got a few months ago - this is a dusting. And hey - it's Canada eh? We get snow and sometimes lots of it.
(I have no other picture for this story so you get Tux romping in the snow)

There's an easy way to deal with a snowstorm - stay home.

I learned the lesson the hard way three years ago. I was the senior reporter/interim editor at a newspaper in Port Colborne. It was press day - I HAD to get to work, I convinced myself. The paper wouldn't get printed without me.

So, I backed out of my shoveled parking spot (I was already running late - who has time to shovel?) and promptly got my little Sunfire stuck.

I tromp back in the house, dial the phone. Ring ring. Ring ring. "Hey Dad. I'm stuck"

(This should have been my first clue - Dad was home at 9 am because he didn't go into work. If my parents didn't go into work - I have no business trying. They are crazypants letter carriers... they'll work in ANY weather)

Dad shows up 15 minutes later, gets me unstuck and hands me the keys to Mom's truck. "You won't get stuck again with this. I'll take the car and you can come pick it up after work"

I got to work with no problem - the truck was great - it was high, full of gas and washer fluid and Mom had even left Motley Crue in the CD player.

12 hours later, I finished laying out the paper, sent it off to the presses. It had even stopped snowing by then, but the roads were still snow covered. I called Dad and told him I was on my way. I got in the truck and headed out to pick up my car. Five minutes from work, at the last light out of Port Colborne, I hit the brakes and skid right through a red light. Got nailed in the back end by an SUV that had the right of way.

Getting in an accident is bad enough - when it's your Mom's beloved truck - it's a whole other level of craptastic.

In the end, no one was seriously hurt (I was a little banged up but didn't feel it until the next day), and I learned a very valuable lesson - there are very few things that are so important that you need to put your property, your life, someone else's life in danger. Stay home.

And besides - when you're snowed in - it's just another reason to knit!

And if you're in need of some yarn to keep you warm... Mom just loaded up the shop!


Delusional Knitter said...

Its crazy this year, no? Every time there's mention of a storm coming everyone is freaking out. I drove a truck with 4 wheel drive ... I make an effort to get to work, but if its that bad I'll turn around and go home, won't kill myself to get there ... and yeah, it means more knitting time!!

gayle said...

Only 14 inches? Meh.
We get a couple of storms a year with 2-3 feet at a time. (Usually in February.) Fourteen inches isn't even scary...
Though staying home sounds awfully good, no matter how much snow is coming down. Ah, knitting time - bliss!

Monika said...

It rarely is as bad as they predict. We've got not much snow so far this winter, considering we are in Canada, and it used to be that we had to shovel our way out the driveway almost every day! Lets see how much we really get this time. I would welcome a little bit more snow.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Sounds like your neck of the woods is really going to get it, so take it easy, take it slow and take care. As you know, it's not worth risking everything!

zoom said...

Hey, your barn cat gumball yarn is on the front page of Etsy right this minute!

Denise said...

The Weather Channel is making it sound like the end of the world is coming.

Abby said...

I am so glad I can work from home - one less white knuckler on the freeway. And while I can't knit on the job, I can *wear* handknits in weird and wild combinations.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean, but we used our alloted 4 snow days for school in the last two weeks. We're on our 5th and possibly 6th for tomorrow when the "monster storm" arrives and probably knocks our power out with the ice. I'm spending today's snow day preparing for tomorrows results - with some knitting mixed in. But all the wash will be done, the dishes cleaned, the water stored and the woodstoves cranked. And you are right - I had a few close calls trying to get to work and I'll never do it again - I second your thoughts on that one! Stay warm and knit on!

lexa said...

This is the worst storm we've had this winter. So far I only had to really shovel once, it was light and fluffy, about 4-5". It's snowing right now, 4-5" tonight, then tomorrow is the big one, up to almost a foot of snow! And strong winds. I am off, so I'll knit all day, and once it stops I'll break out the snowblower for the first time this season. We've had such a great winter, now we'll probably be buried in snow up til April. At least I have lots of yarn. :)

Lost City Denise said...

We've got more than our usual 2-3 inches of snow here in Oklahoma. On our farm we've got about 12inches thus far. More is coming though and I don't expect the roads to be clear for days since we don't have the big equipment like many states accustomed to this type of snowfall have.
Thankfully, I've got food, power and plenty to read and knit!

Oh - I love that your mum likes Motley Crue