Sunday, March 4, 2012

Baby Bruin

The last baby of the recent boom is due in just a few weeks.

This baby will be the first child for a very good friend of mine. And since he's such a good friend, I'm pulling out all the stops and doing something I don't normally do in my knitting...Colourwork!

My friend is a HUGE Bruins fan (we won't talk about how ridiculously excited he go over last year's Stanley Cup).

My colourwork skills are mediocre at bed (I really don't enjoy it) and at the moment it looks a little like a Bruins egg - but I'm confident I can block it a little wider. I'm using a mix of Regia (black) and Baby Ull (Gold and White). Between Mom and I, we had the perfect colours in our stash. SCORE!

It's just a basic top-down, fingering-weight cardigan, and I found a Bruins chart on Ravelry to put on the back.

I'm surprised at how fast it's knitting up, considering it's fingering weight. I love that babies are small!

Now... does anyone know where I can get some small Bruins buttons?


WildflowerWool said...

Hmm, can't help with the buttons but the sweater is very cute. Your friend will love it!

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Cute! I'm not sure you'll find Bruin buttons though; maybe gold coloured teddy bear buttons?

Knatolee said...

That is so cute! Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Thanks for that. Both hubby and daughter are Bruins fans, so must now go track down that chart.