Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Knit red

In an effort to keep my pledge to clear out some WIPs this month, I'm trying to knit monogamously on my Lafitte shawl. I'm almost half done, and with the long weekend coming, I'm pretty optimistic it will be blocking soon.

However, it's not a great travel project. And, as mentioned, I don't want to drag around the Chevvy socks. So, I've cast on for another pair of socks.
You can't tell  - but this is another pair of my latest men's sock design... remember these?
They are currently being test knit, and I figured it was as good a time as any for another pair. These ones will go right into the Christmas box when they are done.

I'm knitting them out of Wollmeise, not my most favourite yarn, but in this case it has a couple things going for it. One - the recipient needs a hard-wearing yarn and two - it's the perfect shade of red (It has to be this shade for a reason I'll reveal at another date). Admittedly, I could have dyed some Alley Cat, but Mom had this one hanging out in her stash - all ready to go - and she needed some help depleting her Wollmeise hoard.

Considering that I cast on for these on Monday, I really should be MUCH further along, even though these are lunch-hour only socks. However, work is insane at the moment... I don't even remember what a lunch-hour is! (Today it was five minutes to scarf down a bag of Cheetos and a Dr. Pepper.). Next week, however... next week I'm going to rock these socks!


Minding My Own Stitches said...

If you have more of that Wollmeise (not your favourite yarn) I'd gladly trade or buy! I LOVE that stuff!

Dontcha hate work days and weeks like that! I think I may be having that same week :(

Anonymous said...

It seems everybody LOVES Wollmeise. What is it you don't like about it?

I only have one skein of it in my stash. I won it in a blog give-a-way. Should I be giving it away???? LOL

The red IS really pretty.

Rachelle said...

Love that sock colour. Funny how you don't like Wollemeise though, I love it though I haven't knitted with it yet; so far I just pat the skeins (2 of them) I have in my stash.
I cast on for those socks yesterday, looking good so far, though not as far along as yours.

Zenitude said...

The idea of monogamous knitting makes me laugh! It's a good idea when we want things to get done faster. And we all want to do it but it's too much fun to have a few projects on needles at the same time.