Saturday, January 12, 2013

Busy little beavers

Mom and I were quite busy in the studio today. She dyed a little, while I got some new yarns ready for the shop. We did inventory, and as a result, marked a few skeins down. You can find them in the sale section of the shop.

Last week I showed off our new Solo Cat. We've got two other new yarns to bring out as well. The next up is Twisted Slinky Cat.
Like our regular slinky, it's a super soft blend of merino and silk (80/20 in this version) but with a nice tight twist.  It feels fantastic, but the really great thing about it is the size of the skein - at 150g, it has a whopping 600 yards! Perfect for making a nice large shawl out of just one skein. I brought one of the green skeins home, but I'm resisting the urge to cast on until I finish Aeolian.

This will be in the shop within the next few days, along with some new Solo Cat, Alley Cat, Alley Cat BFL,  Stray Cat, Aristocat and more! I've dyed up some nice bright skeins to beat those January blues!

Alley BFL in "Rainbow Brite"


Samantha said...

Swoon. How lovely!! I must resist ...

Nancy Kay said...

Wow. Beautiful yarns!

Knatolee said...

Those Rainbow brite skeins are very pretty. Love the new baby!