Monday, January 21, 2013

FO: Tea Leaves

As promised, I give you the Tea Leaves collaboration! 
I love this pattern! I think it's the round yoke, but it fits me so well. This one is a little larger than the one I made for myself. Mom likes her sweaters a little looser than I, so it's one size up. And it grew a little when I blocked it.
She also prefers her sweaters longer, so it's several inches longer than mine. I have a short waist and wide hips, long sweaters don't normally work for me, but since this one is open, it's not too bad - just a little big, but definitely wearable.
One thing we do agree on is sleeve length. We both have long arms, so adding an inch or two extra is imperative!
This one was knit in Madeline Tosh Vintage. The colourway is Rosewood and I absolutely love it. I have a soft spot for warm browns, and this one has lovely specks of blush and sage, which makes it even better. I have a skein left over and I plan to make a pretty, nostalgic-style hat out of it.

And, as shown before, I ended up using birch wood buttons from the Woodlot. While not what I was planning on, I think they work very well, playing off the reddish tones in the yarn.

And before any of you ask... yep - I wear glasses. Well, sort of. I started wearing them in school because I couldn't read the chalk-board from the back of the room (and who wants to sit at the front?). I wear them to drive now, though my visions is decent enough that I don't legally need them. Mostly, I just use them as sunglasses when the top is down on the car (they are Transitions). The rest of the time, I just walk around slightly blind. The reason I had them on during the shoot was to hide the horrible bags under my eyes from being sick and not sleeping well.


Araignee said...

So chic. Love the entire ensemble, glasses and all!

Rhonda said...

Has anyone ever told you you look like your mom. :)

Minding My Own Stitches said...

That sweater looks a little too big on you ... you should send it to ME! I have longer arms and a longer torso. And I look nice in brown.

I like your glasses. I've been wearing mine more too ... but that's because the air at work is so dry that my eyes get gummy by the end of the day.

Zenitude said...

It's perfect! I love everything about it.

nauget bluff said... chose the right yarn and buttons. A perfect match for the pattern...

Monika said...

Nice to have it finished! I like bigger sweaters, not comfy with tight fitting things. The buttons work wonderfully!

Nancy Kay said...

Great looking sweater. It's nice to see it modeled. I really like the color, and the buttons are perfect!

kathy b said...

What a lovely sweater. You picked the perfect yarn color for that pattern if you ask me.
I like a sweater loose and comfy too.